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Champagne Design has been creating top-notch multimedia presentations since 1996. Starting off with Macromedia Director, Aldus Persuasion, Flash, and finally the ubiquitous Microsoft PowerPoint. No matter the software used, the design principles remain the same. Quality, consistency, attention to detail. Creating custom templates and slides for your personal or corporate use.

After having created tens of thousands of slides, we know what works and what doesn't. No pressure from here to spend your budget on bells and whistles that add no value to your message. Most efficient, most aesthetic, most effective. A blend of artistic flare and technical skill.

Champagne Design takes your text and data and transforms it into a clear, concise and memorable multimedia presentation. We specialize in high-end, interactive PowerPoint presentations. We take your message, incorporate your vision and maintain a cohesive look while integrating various media: photographs, logos, artwork files, audio and video clips. Our expertise exploits the extensive capabilities of PowerPoint with animated builds, transitions and complex flow charts. We explore beyond the boundaries and expand on your intent, transforming your presentation into an esthetically rewarding experience; all the while retaining its original purpose, its function as an information delivery medium.

Champagne Design can deal directly with you the client. We also pair our services with Communications firms, and become a virtual team member for the duration of your project's needs. We tailor our support to you, to complement your in-house expertise.

Let us know how we might best assist you.

Presentation Design Services

Microsoft PowerPoint templates designed to follow your company branding
Custom slides to accent your content
Tips and tricks to use your template effectively
Slide databases from which to build your various presentations
All of your content formatted onto your new template
Trade show kiosk loops
Gala and special event presentations
Speaker assisting slides
Annual General Meeting series
Coaching slide decks
Educational and workshop series
Corporate Roadshows
Information and marketing events

1. We can create a professional template for you to work with, or

2. We can produce a complete PowerPoint presentation with all content formatting, or

3. We can provide a final tweak to your input content, and

4. We provide customized PowerPoint tutorials

5. We also convert Mac-created PowerPoint presentations to PC-friendly .ppt

6. and we've started designing with Prezi, a new way of presenting using a mind-map

Testimonials, emails ...

"Francine consistently delivers exceptional PowerPoint presentations for my clients. Her thoughtful and innovative designs for custom template suites, and her exceptional technical skills in presentation development - are complemented by her commitment to customer service, and on-time, on-budget execution. It is a total delight to collaborate regularly with Francine; she is the consummate professional and helps me to deliver stellar service and products to my clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her."
Jill Hilderman
nimble communications
Calgary, Alberta

Francine – your work is incomparable.  Honestly.  You’ve somehow taken elements of our website, our workbook, our visual identity, and your own warped sense of reality – and made the PowerPoint slides my absolute favourite piece of our curriculum.  Not sure how to thank you for you – your creativity, your artistry – with very little direction from us – you just get it, and we’re delighted to be working with Canada’s PowerPoint guru. 

Leslie Roberts
GoForth Institute

"Thanks for your hard work creativity and diligence. I appreciate the attention you gave to details. The results are professional. I will let you know how the participants respond.

Nora Spinks
Work Life Harmony
Toronto, Ontario

"Incredible work as usual. Love that you have spelled out how to do everything. Wasn't expecting the charts, that will be very useful though!...

James Jensen
Atom Graphics
Calgary, Alberta

"... she's the best in Canada ..."

Terry Flanagan,
Consult Ink Ltd
Nepean, Ontario

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